This website is just a simple portfolio where I expose some of my personal projects and some works I developed during my studies and internships.
Some of those projects are partially or completely available on my github page.


Aerial images segmentation - 2017

Technologies: Python, TensorFlow, CNN

TeraDeep: Implement and train a convolutional neural network for a task of building detection through pixel segmentation (click here to see an example of result).

Deep learning Server - 2016

Technologies: C++, Lua, Torch, Python, Flask

TeraDeep: For this project, I was in charge of developing a web server to integrate and deploy deep learning services for diverse tasks of image and video recognition. I also had to design the associated API.

Deep Chatbot - 2016

Technologies: Python, TensorFlow, Seq2seq, Django

Personal Project: My attempt to reproduce A Neural Conversational Model, implementing a 2 layers LSTM encoder/decoder. All the code is available here.

Music Generator - 2016

Technologies: Python, TensorFlow

Personal Project: Attempt to create and experiment different models for music composition. You can listen a generated sample here.

Sentiment Analysis - 2016

Technologies: Python, Numpy, RNN, NLP

Personal Project: Implementation from scratch of the stanford Recursive Neural Tensor Network to detect the sentiment of movies critics.

Deep learning on graph - 2016

Technologies: Python, Theano, Torch, CNN

School Project: Apply convolutional neural network on graphs for 3d meshes segmentation and classification.

Database project - 2016

Technologies: Spark, Rdd, SQL, MapReduce

School Project: Optimising SQL queries with Spark.

IMDb Statistics - 2016

Technologies: Dart, Polymer, Plotly.js

Personal Project: Creation of a web application which extract my IMDb ratings to do some data visualisation and compute some statistics.

Path tracing rendering - 2015

Technologies: C++

School Project: Implementation of a path tracing algorithm. Based on the Nori frameworks

Reinforcement learning project - 2015

Technologies: Python

School Project: Implementation of the bellmans equation to guide a mouse in a continious world.

Image classification - 2015

Technologies: Matlab

School Project: Tuning a neural networks for image classification and comparison with other techniques.

Android application - 2015

Technologies: Java, Android SDK

Personal Project: Record and keep track of our performances with this simple app.

Virtual reality project - 2016

Technologies: Unity3d, C#

School Project: Creation of a simple VR app for Google Cardboard. The user is stuck inside its computer and drive around its filefolders. If he falls, he is teleported into the trash where he has to find the exit.

Distributed inteligent system project - 2015

Technologies: C++, e-puck

School Project: Optimising the behavior of a flock of robots using PSO. Project in group of three.

Networks visualisation tool - 2015

Technologies: Java

Internship: Allow to easilly check and correct the models falses positives and negatives of the re-identification system.

Human tracking and reidentification system - 2015

Technologies: C++, OpenCv, Mqtt

Internship: Person tracking and re-identification system in a distributed multi camera environment.

Dataset Creator - 2014

Technologies: C++, Qt, OpenCv

Internship: Program to quickly extract and label training samples (from a video) for futur training. I developed this program during my research internship to automatize and assist me in this fastidious task (see code and instructions).

Communication Protocol Development - 2014

Technologies: C, Intel 8051

School Project: Creation and implementation of a communication protocol for a SPI Bus and deployment on an microcontroller within a mobile robot (project over 6 months, in a team of 8).

Cars destroyer - 2013

Technologies: C++, OpenGl

School Project: A 3d game where the gameplay is as subtle as the name.

Google Chrome Extensions - 2013

Technologies: JavaScript, Dart, Json

Personal Project: Some astonishing extensions to make internet a better place.

Drawing Editor - 2012

Technologies: Java, Swing

School Project: MS Paint pales in comparison with this graphics editor developped with Java.

48 Hour Film Project - 2012

Technologies: Piano, Logic Studio

Personal Project: Musical composition for a short film in the context of an amateur film contest.

Vocab++ - 2011

Technologies: C++, Qt, RegExp

Personal Project: I did develop this software to help me learn foreign vocabulary in a smarter way (it ask first the questions where the user often make mistake + other features).

Mobile Robot - 2011

Technologies: C++, Arduino

Personal Project: The prototype of our own google cars, which can follow a line on the ground and avoid obstacles. I developped it with friends and was in charge of the code part (demo).

Hydrogen Cars Website - 2010

Technologies: xHtml, CSS

School Project: A website made for an academic project. Still online here.

RPG - 2009

Technologies: C++, SFML

Personal Project: A 2D game engine developped in C++ with the SFML (Yes, I also did the graphics).

Space Battle - 2008

Technologies: C, SDL

Personal Project: A very simple scrolling shooter. It was my first "real" project, made during my high school years.

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